A Wash and Fuel Run Mar 19, 2022
A Wash and Fuel Run Mar 19, 2022 More Moving Van Duty for 57 Dec 23, 2021 Guess who’s back? Jul 10, 2020 So pleased to be back behind the wheel. It ended up being quite the drive day for 57. It’s, at minimum, about 45 minutes to get back from Karl’s. We The Karl Shultz Rehabilitation Center for Wayward Autocross Cars Jul 8, 2020 This car hasn’t been this shiny since 2008. Let’s go get 57 Happy Birthday Jim Jul 4, 2020 Progress report from Karl: Roof, a-pillars, hood, mirrors, front bumper compounded. Rockers cleaned and polished. Front lip, well…it’s Rocking the Rockers Jun 27, 2020 exterior Looks like it’s been a big day: From Karl: Rocker panel #2 saved. Weird how the plastic parts of the car are harder to clean up. “Vandalism Remover” The Hood: A Brief Update Jun 27, 2020 First pass of the hood is done. Lots to go but the improvement keeps me motivated The Hood Jun 25, 2020 First stage of polish. No cone marks up this high, this is just compounding. Griot’s orange pad and Menzerna FG400. Fender is just the fender after Progress update from Karl. Jun 25, 2020 The metal bits are coming along nicely. Just cleanup. No finish work. Using every 4” pad in the place with a blend of 57’s Spa treatment seems to be going well. Jun 22, 2020 Got these from Karl. I did have some thoughts about why it took me so long to get around to doing this, beyond the obvious of having no talent Spa Week Jun 15, 2020 Or maybe two. Karl has generously offered to go over 57 with a fine tooth orbital, clay bar and who knows what else it’ll take Birthday Cruise to Neomonde and Picturesque Garner Jun 14, 2020 Got 57 cleaned at the local pay and spray. Then to Neomonde for a Birthday Feast that we carted our to Laura’s parents. Love this car Morning Trip to Union then to Cedarhurst for Coffee Jun 3, 2020 Pretty uneventful run. Left the car idling at Union for the few minutes I was picking up my order. Started right up, ran great. Got to open it up Spring Nots 2020 May 23, 2020 A run to Weaver St. for provisions and then on to Bahama for a Spring Nots tailgate Critical Supply Run May 16, 2020 Had to knock the bird shit off, fill up, and hit the liquor store. Probably 1:15 total and three starts Socially Distant Tailgate May 2, 2020 A chance to hangout from afar with F-Bomb Troop 54:45 Apr 19, 2020 That’s how long I ran 57 for today. Out to the cemetery and around to Ebenezer Church Road to Blue Ridge to Wade, etc. Took a tiny bit longer to A Mask and Puzzles Apr 2, 2020 Had a chance to run to mom’s to drop off some COVID-19 supplies, so I took 57. Also stopped and, under the guise of “I don’t have a windshield Rango’s small but he needs to eat. Mar 24, 2020 It’d been a while but with the impending stay at home orders coming down, I ran out to get dog food and fill 57 up. About 40 minutes of runtime with A quick trip to Mom’s Mar 8, 2020 After riding around all morning with Laura’s parents and Ali looking at possible houses, I decided no time like the present to get to mom’s and get
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