Happy Birthday Jim

Progress report from Karl:

Roof, a-pillars, hood, mirrors, front bumper compounded. Rockers cleaned and polished. Front lip, well…it’s complicated.

Single stage paint is interesting. It can be hard to get it to look consistent, especially when it’s white and the polishing compound is also white.

I’m being pretty conservative too. Some stuff I do by hand, like the little triangles the door mirrors mount to. The car has all original paint best I can tell and is one of what I imagine is a tiny number of intact 1997 Integra Type Rs.

He’s not joking about the front lip. At all. While, miraculously, I believe all the pieces of that lip are available—a course worker brought them in—I’m not sure there’s any reliable way of putting it together.

Jim had picked up a replica in Championship White. It’s in storage and I’ll get it on the car when I get the fender pulled.

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